The Beanie Basher

The beanie basher was developed to improve hand/eye coordination. Originally developed for Martial Arts and Krav Maga enthusiasts, but ideal for all sports that require a level of skill when hands and eyes are used together. Levels of difficulty can be raised when hands and eyes get it together.  Shortening the elastic will produce a much faster return and decreasing the size of the ball with the Beanie Basher Pro and the Beanie Basher Extreme really take a bit of practice !

Once mastered the Beanie Basher gives  amazing results!

We at BB HQ have developed even more ways to increase the difficulty and love to see the styles that you have come up with:-

  • Clapping between hits.
  • Touching your knee or ankle between hits.
  • Using your elbow or head.
  • Even just getting your head and body out of the way can prove quite a challenge

give it a bash…

Watch the Video!

  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Ideal for all sports or just fun
  • Difficulty levels
  • Any Age
  • Use in any location
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Beanie Basher Product Picture

    Beanie Basher

  • Beanie Basher Product Picture

    Beanie Basher Extreme

  • Beanie Basher Product Picture

    Beanie Basher Pro

  • Beanie Basher Product Picture



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